Friday, April 10, 2009

The Masters

For all you "Golf Girls" out there this weekend is special for you because The Masters is being played down in Augusta, Ga. not far from the "I am a Girl" Designs offices. Being a Golfer myself and loving the sport I am always interested in reading and watching this great event.

Starting on Thursday with the Par 3 contest until Sunday with the big Winner!
The one great thing about this event is how they bring family into it...on Thursday which is the Par 3 contest the golfers caddie's are family! most of them will be the golfers kids (boys & girls!) or sometimes a brother-sister or great is that! The golfers say it is so fun to be able to share that day with their family member and have those kinds of memories.

So all you "Girl" Golfers out there hit the links today!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keep on Dancing

When I was a little girl I remember I would dance around the house, I didn't need any music and I didn't need a partner. I remember how wonderful and free it felt to just dance, to run, to jump to my own rhythm with no cares in the world.

Today I dance a lot less and when I do there is music and I have a partner but I still feel the joy that dancing being out in me and for the moment I don't have a care in the world.

So what do I say to all you dancers out there young and old..keep on dancing! with music or to your own music, with a partner and just yourself..just keep on dancing and feel the freedom in yourself.