Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Heat & Sports

You are sitting in the stand or on the field watching your children play it's hot and humid you feel the heat, now think about how your children feel! Children don't adapt to exercise in hot/humid weather as well as adults they get hotter, sweat less and are less likely to drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration which can lead to heat related illness.

So if you or your children are outdoors playing a sport or any other activity in the hot summer heat make sure they:

*Reduce the intensity of the activity to no more than 15 minutes then take a break or slow down.

* Require everyone to drink plenty of fluids-even if they aren't thirsty

* Limited the amount of clothing to a single layer, lightweight and light in color.

* Know when to slow down or call it quits!

Encourage children to know the early signs or symptoms of dehydration:

* Dry or sticky mouth

* Thirst

* Headache


* Cramps

* Excessive Fatigue

If you practice these simple rules everyone will have a great summer full of summer fun!

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